Pumpwise Limited
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Pumpwise offers a large range of Products and Services to our customers. Based on our experience and product knowledge they can be sure of getting an unrivalled level of service. Below is a list of Products and Services available directly from Pumpwise Limited. You can view some of our recent projects in our gallery.

- ACV Hot Water Generation
- ITT Lowara Pumps
- Packaged Water Booster sets
- Fire Hydrant & Hose Reel Booster sets
- Oil Transfer Pumpsets
- Pressurisation Equipment
- Condensate Recovery Units

- Chilled water Skids                 
- Heat Transfer Skids
- Buffer Vessels
- Plate Heat Exchangers
- Shell & Tube Exchangers
- Dosing Pots
- Steam Skids

ACV Tank-in-Tank Systems

ACV Tank Loop Demo
Click to see how the Tank-in-Tank boiler works.

ACV Delta Loop Demo
Click to see how the Tank-in-Tank Combination boiler works.

- Pump Servicing and Alignment
- Commissioning Service
- Pump Design and Sizing
- Custom Packaging of Equipment
- System Troubleshooting service
- Workshop Repair and Testing

Industries and Markets Served


- Building Services
- Process Industry
- Construction Sector
- Leisure Market
- Waste Water Industry
- Local and Water Authority

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